‘Absolutely disgusting’ Khloe Kardashian slammed for praising Kim Kardashian’s ‘anorexic’ figure


Khloe Kardashian faced a backlash from fans after she praised her sister’s “anorexic” figure.

The mother-of-one was accused of “damaging an entire generation of young people” after she applauded Kim Kardashian’s slimmer appearance.

Kim posted several Instagram stories of her sisters heaping praise on her new look, with Khloe saying: “Your extensions, your a***, your t***, everything they’re heavy because she’s f****** voluptuous but she’s anorexic here [her waist]and her arms are like pin thin like my pinky. Kimberley I can see through you. I’ve never seen a skinnier person in my life.”

 She later joked that Kim’s diet consists of “celery and maybe some lettuce” with Khloe’s friend Malika Haqq adding that she sometimes snacks on “flavoured oxygen”. Fans were fuming with the “thoughtless” comments, with one saying they had been left feeling “sick”.
 One user tweeted: “Just seen @KimKardashian’s stories on her sisters saying she’s so skinny and her saying ‘thankyou’ and ‘I’m not skinny & down to 119lbs’ like being thinner = more beautiful is just thoughtless.
Khloe & their friend joking about Kim eating celery & oxygen is just a step too far.

“Anorexia is such a horrible disease and people like this just don’t realise how much [they]affect young girls.”

 A second wrote: “The kardashian’s are damaging an entire generation of young people and khloe calling kim anorexic in her waist is a prime example of this – absolutely disgusting.”

A third posted: “Kim & Khloé talking about how skinny they are is literally making me sick.”

It comes weeks after both sisters were slammed for promoting diet supplements to their millions of fans, with many branding them “bad role models”.

Khloe, who has been trying to lose her postpartum baby weight after welcoming daughter True with Tristan Thompson, posted an image of herself sat on a kitchen work surface while holding a pre-made shake from Flat Tummy

Kim was branded a “toxic influence” and accused of promoting eating disorders after she promoted a lollipop which acts as an appetite-suppressant.


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