Airtel and Jio users get free Wi-Fi Calling: 150 phones supported, check here if your phone supports it or not


Both Airtel and Jio have announced the Wi-Fi Calling feature for their users. But not all can use it. You require a smartphone that can support this feature. Here is the full list phones that support Jio and Airtel Wi-Fi Calling.


  • Airtel announced Wi-Fi Calling for its users in December. Jio has started rolling it out this week.
  • Airtel supports phones from for brands for now, Jio supports over 150 phones.
  • Both Airtel and Jio are adding support for more phones and phone makers.
  • Airtel and Jio are now rolling out support for Wi-Fi calling to their users.
  • Wi-Fi calling feature works along with cellular network service and allows users to make video or audio calls using Wi-Fi.
  • For now, not all smartphones support Wi-Fi calling. Also the feature is not yet available in all Indian cities and regions.

If you use Jio or Airtel prepaid or postpaid connection, you can now use the Wi-Fi Calling feature to make calls. It’s free to use, and it can be in incredibly handy in two things: one, save mobile data when you are making audio or video calls using VoLTE. And two, make clear and crisp calls without call drops even if there is poor mobile network connectivity at your home or office.

Airtel had announced support for Wi-Fi Calling for its users in the first week of December, becoming the first Indian telecom company to do so. Jio has announced this week that the Wi-Fi Calling feature is rolling out to Jio users from this week and that rollout will be completed by January 16. Airtel was first to support the Wi-Fi Calling but support from Jio is better because not only Jio rolling out the feature in different cities and regions of the country at a faster pace, it also supports more phones.

Although both Jio and Airtel continue to add more phones in the list of devices that support Wi-Fi Calling, currently Airtel supports it on some tens of phones from four phone makers, including Apple and OnePlus. Jio currently supports Wi-Fi Calling on around 150 smartphones. Both Jio and Airtel support Wi-Fi Calling on all broadband connections, although initially Airtel support was limited to the company’s Xtreme broadband service.

For the explanation, let’s see what Airtel and Jio are saying. Jio notes on its website, “Wi-Fi Calling is a path-breaking technology that allows customers to make and receive calls over a Wi-Fi network using their existing Jio phone number. Benefits of Wi-Fi calling are: Use the strongest network to make uninterrupted calls – whether it’s Wi-Fi or mobile network Make and receive calls with Wi-Fi.”

This is a little hyperbolic, so let’s explain. The idea and its implementation is simple. Both Jio and Airtel networks already offer VoLTE calls, where the calls are made using the data connectivity, and not through the GSM network like how it was with 2G or 3G. The Wi-Fi calling is an addition to this technology. It’s just that instead of using the LTE data, the calls will now use the Wi-Fi data, if the phone is connected to a robust Wi-Fi network.

The benefits of doing so are several. Wi-Fi connection are not only faster but are also more reliable because they are powered by wired broadband connections. This means your calls can be crisp and clear, and free of call-drops, even if the mobile or 4G connectivity is not good.


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