Amkette Evo TV3 review: It’s gotten better, but hope you don’t already have a smart TV


The Amkette Evo TV3 is the third generation of what I have always considered one of the most innovative products by an Indian company. Over the past few years the product has lost a bit of its shock and awe value because there are a lot of competing devices in the market. Still, with the latest version, Amkette tries to do what it does best: offer a product that tries and plugs all your needs.

Amkette Evo TV3
The biggest change with the new Evo TV is its ability to stream 4K content. That is the flavour of the season as Apple TV too has gone 4K this year. However, I am pixel deprived and could not test this with the Full HD television. The other noticeable change is the addition of an antenna for converting this into a Wi-Fi router if needed. The Evo TV remote has changed a bit, but retains its air mouse functionality which is a life saver when you are trying to type something on the large screen.

The Amkette Evo TV3 is a smooth Android box that works well right off the box. There is hardly any set-up required, nor is there any learning involved for first-time users. The UI, like in the past models, is customised for a television experience and the air mouse feature of the remote makes it really easy to swipe through the screens. With the 2GB RAM, the experience now is much more smoother than before.
I used the Evo TV3 on a Airtel 8Mbps Wi-Fi on which I have tested everything from older Evo TVs to Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick and Google Chromecast. The streaming experience on this one was at par in every way. In fact, with Amazon Prime I thought the experience was a bit better than the Fire Stick. Maybe this one has better radio capabilities. It better, for it has to stream 4K after all.
With the advent of the OTT services like Netflix a lot of us have moved away from downloaded content. However, if you still have ripped CDs or home videos you like to play on the box, the layer comes in really handy offering great level of file management and additional info. This works especially well if you connect a large hard drive with TBs of content.


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