Anker’s new 60W USB-C GaN charger looks like the one we’ve been waiting for


Anker’s first gallium nitride (GaN) charger — the 30W PowerPort Atom PD 1 — was interesting, largely due to its size, but it was less practical due to its low power and single USB-C port. The company’s new GaN charger, the aptly named PowerPort Atom PD 2, looks to solve most of those issues with 60W of power, a second USB-C port, and an improved design.

The changes are obvious just by looking at the Atom PD 2. Where the Atom PD 1 looks like a beefier iPhone brick, the PD 2 is more in line with one of Apple’s MacBook Pro chargers. At 60W, it’s much more suited to charging a MacBook Pro (or another USB-C laptop), too.

Unlike Apple’s bundled charger, the Atom PD 2 offers two USB-C ports, instead of just one. That might not seem like much, but given the universal nature of USB-C, it’s the difference between traveling with a second charger for your phone / headphones or not. Plus, Anker says that the GaN design means that, despite the extra port, it’s still the “smallest 60W USB-C Power Delivery charger on the market.” (Although this Innergie 60C charger on Amazonwould seem to contradict that claim.)

Like the original Atom PD 1, the new PD 2 charger supports the USB-C PD (Power Delivery) standard (aka the good one), meaning it should charge nearly any USB-C device at full speed, assuming it’s rated for 60W or less. Owners of the biggest and most powerful USB-C laptops that need 80W or 100W of power will still need to look elsewhere for now, but for most people, it should get the job done. The Atom PD 2 can only supply the full 60W to one device. When multiple devices are plugged in, the charger will intelligently manage power based on demand.

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