Apple Music for Android Gets an Update With New Experiences for Music Videos



  • Apple Music for Android has been updated
  • The new update offers new music video experiences
  • It also has stability improvements

Apple Music for Android has been updated with new experiences for music videos. The new update is specifically designed to align the Apple Music app on Android devices with its iOS counterpart. There are also some stability improvements to deliver a “more reliable” music playback experience across all compatible Android devices.

Among other features, the updated Apple Music for Android (version 2.4.0) includes an option to let you watch music videos in fullscreen or inside the Now Playing screen. You can also continue watching a music video while browsing the app or even listen to any of your favourite music videos in the background and use some other apps on the front end. Additionally, Apple has provided an option to let you add your favourite music videos to playlists to watch them sequentially.

It is important to note here that music videos have been available on Android since 2016. The new features, however, upgrade the music video playback on Android devices and make the experiences similar to what one can get on an iOS device. Moreover, it makes the Apple Music app a step ahead of the preloaded YouTube app on Android devices as users will get the ability to play music videos in the background. This isn’t available on the YouTube app.

You can download the updated Apple Music for Android by visiting Google Play. The app works with Android 4.3 and above.

As of June 2015, Apple Music is available in India for individuals with a starting monthly charge of Rs. 120. Customers who’d like to use the service for a year can opt for its annual subscription at Rs. 1,200.

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