Apple’s new watch can detect an irregular heartbeat

Apple has managed to squeeze an electrocardiogram sensor capable of measuring heart rhythm into one of its smallest pieces of hardware, the Apple Watch.

By placing their finger on the crown on the side of the watch for half a minute, the user gets an electrocardiogram, or ECG, that measures both heart rhythm and rate.

Apple is the first company to build such a sensor in a smartwatch. The user’s heart rhythm and heart rate data can be seen and shared with a doctor through the Health app.

The fourth generation is also getting 30% more screen real estate, despite keeping the same dimensions, thanks to a display that curves into the corners. The watch is also said to be thinner than previous generations.

The built-in speaker is also said to be 50% louder. Apple said the watch’s battery life would remain at 18 hours despite a more demanding software and hardware.

“Apple Watch isn’t just the number one smartwatch. It’s the number one watch in the world period,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said introducing the latest generation of the company’s smartwatch series, which has dominated the market since its launch in 2015. – dpa

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