Facebook now lets you buy tickets right on event pages, thanks to SeatGeek


If there’s one thing that keeps me from getting rid of my Facebook account, it’s events. No matter how distracting, banal, or overly politicized the news feed can get, Facebook is still the best place to keep track of parties, concerts, film screenings, geeky meet-ups, and anything else that may be going on IRL. Well, now it’s about to get even more useful for planning what to do.

Facebook just unveiled a partnership with SeatGeek that lets event hosts sell tickets directly from the Facebook event page. It might seem like a minor detail, but an integration this tight can make it way more effortless to go from the “I’m Interested” button to actually sitting in a seat at the event. Starting with a Kansas-based soccer team, the new partnership will allow any event organizer who uses SeatGeek as a primary ticket seller to sell those tickets directly on Facebook.

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