Gmail could soon let you schedule emails


An APK teardown of Gmail version 8.7.15 shows that the email scheduling feature is headed to the Gmail app.

What do you do when you need to send out emails from your Gmail account at a particular time and date in the future? Well, as of now, you either sit and manually send that email on said time and date, or you figure out a way to schedule it by running third-party software, extensions or complicated scripts. Hopefully, Google is addressing this gap shortly and it looks like Gmail will get a native email scheduling feature soon.

An APK teardown of Gmail version 8.17.15 reveals code showing that scheduling emails will soon be a possibility with the Gmail Android app. If it is headed to the app, it will most probably make it to the web version of Gmail as well. In the teardown, a label with the title “Schedule send” was spotted in the overflow for the “Compose” screen, leading to the belief that this could be a new way of scheduling emails while composing.

There is no news on when this email scheduling feature will roll out to Gmail on web, Android and iOS, but it is definitely a welcome addition, one that users of the service have been wanting for a while.

Google has been making multiple improvements to Gmail in the recent past. The Mountain View-based tech giant recently showcased the Material Design theme for ‘Gmail for Android’. The ‘white’ design will match the web revamp and it will get desktop features like density options and quick attachments in the inbox view. According to the Gmail team, the mobile update is ‘smaller’ in scale.

There is also a new Dropbox add-on for Gmail which makes sharing files on the service easier. The add-on was a result of Google’s partnership with Dropbox. When both the companies tied-up earlier this year, they said that with the integrations, users will be able to create, open, and edit files stored on Dropbox in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and other services.

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