Google Pay users can win Rs 2020 this New Year. Here’s how


The New Year is almost here and Google’s online transaction portal, Google Pay, has introduced a game where users can earn up to Rs 2020 along with other bonus rewards. This game began on December 23 and will continue till December 31.

Much like what they did during Diwali this year, Google Pay introduced has seven types of 2020 stamps. These include Balloon, DJ, Sunglasses, Disco, Toffee, Selfie and Pizza. Google is calling these cake layers, any cake layer when completed will make the user eligible for lucky draw tickets worth up to Rs 20 lakh.

This feature is available under the ‘Rewards’ section in the app. Those users who collect all the seven stamps will get assured rewards of up to Rs 2020. Furthermore, users can also earn one bonus reward per layer of the cake they complete.

In order to collect any of these Google Pay 2020 Stamps, one has to update Google Pay app to the latest version.

To collect stamps users can do any of the following:

• Pay Rs 98 or more to a business, Spot or a Google Pay user.

• Paying at least Rs 300 on a bill or Rs 98 on mobile recharge.

• Invite friends to Google Pay, on their first payment with your referral code, the user will get a stamp.

• Gift or request one stamp from or to one friend per day

Like all games have terms and conditions, this too has some. This offer is not valid for users in Tamil Nadu, a user will not be eligible for this offer if they have already earned over Rs 9,000 during this fiscal year.

The reward won through this game will be deposited to UPI linked with Google Pay. If a user has not linked the UPI, he/she will get 45 days to link it, otherwise, the reward will be deemed to be forfeited.

This, however, is not the first time that Google Pay has rolled out a game like this. A similar game was also introduced for Google Pay at the time of Diwali this year. In that game users had to collect five types of stamps – a Diya, Flower, Lantern, Jhumka and Rangoli to earn Rs 251.

When Google Pay ran this contest in Diwali this year it received quite some flack because users could not find one particular stamp that would complete the collection and get them the assured reward of Rs 251. Many users were of the opinion that Google Pay had purposely designed the game so as not many people would end up winning.

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