Instagram Now Lets You Share Posts in Stories



  • Instagram posts are now shareable in Stories
  • They will show up as stickers in your Stories
  • Due credit to the original poster is also given

    Image result for Instagram Now Lets You Share Posts in StoriesAfter introducing new features meant for businesses, a simplified Inbox, and more action buttons, the social networking app has now introduced a new feature that will let you share public posts to your Stories. This ability will help you share posts of different public accounts in your Stories feed directly. The ability has been rolled out to Android users, and is coming to iOS users in the coming days.

    If you’re an Android user, you will see this feature hidden under the share option on posts. If you like a post and wish to share it with your followers, hit the airplane-like share button below the post and a new option to Create a story with this post will now appear. Clicking on that option will directly send you to your Stories section, where the post will appear as a sticker.

    The original user’s handle who posted the photo/video will appear below the sticker, and you can click it to go their profile and see the original post as well. You can rotate, scale and move the sticker, and tap it to explore other styles as well.

    Before this feature was rolled out, users used to take screenshots of posts and share it on Stories if they found something interesting or worth sharing. Now, this option makes it possible in a more streamlined manner, while also giving due credit to the original user. Instagram shares on its blog that posts can be shared from public accounts only, and if users don’t want their posts shared to stories by other people, they can easily opt out in settings.

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