Instagram Stories to Get Music Stickers Soon, APK Teardown Tips



  • The music stickers feature was found in an APK teardown
  • Instagram Stories make your post disappear within 24 hours
  • A slow-mo button may also be coming to Instagram Stories

Instagram is said to be looking to jazz up Stories a bit more with music stickers. The new feature was found in the app’s code, indicating that the ability to add music to your Stories is not that far. This feature looks to give Instagram an edge over, an app which is starting to gain popularity among the youth.

The new ‘music stickers’ feature was found by tipster Ishaan Agarwal when he broke down the Android app’s APK code, reports TechCrunch. Furthermore, Jane Manchung Wong was even able to test the feature, and share screenshots. A music symbol appears in the menu, right alongside location and GIF options, and this option takes you to the ability to search music. However, Wong claims that the feature was very buggy and she couldn’t post anything using music stickers without the app crashing. Wong also told TechCrunch that Instagram automatically detected a song she was currently playing on her phone and created a sticker for it.

Instagram Stories were introduced in August 2016 to combat Snapchat competition, and has since then managed to gauge in a lot of interaction. As of November 2017, Instagram Stories has been enjoying 300 million daily active users, a number that is much higher than Snapchat, which reported 191 million daily active users recently.


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