Microsoft may have Surface-branded


A new report indicates that Microsoft is hard at work developing a pair of true wireless earbuds under the Surface lineup to rival the latest Apple AirPods.

The true wireless earbuds are codenamed Morrisson (likely after The Doors’ famous frontman) and are tipped to include both noise-cancellation and Microsoft’s voice assistant, Cortana.

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Of course, our favorite buds right now are the RHA TrueConnect

The source of these new rumors is Thurrott’s Brad Sams who spoke to multiple people familiar with Microsoft’s plans who say the primary motivation is to expand the Surface lineup of headphones from the over-ear Surface Headphones to a new in-ear model that could, in all likelihood, be called the Surface Buds.

Thurrott’s sources weren’t able to provide a release date for the headphones, but say that 2019 is definitely a possibility if the project isn’t delayed.


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