Qualcomm might introduce 32W fast charging in its next flagship SoC


There are few things more satisfying as seeing your phone charge to half its capacity for the take it takes one to shower. Fast charging has been one of the greatest gifts and have been one of the efficient ways of making up of poor battery capacity. Qualcomm’s Fast Charge standard is the most prevalentfast charging tech that everyone, from budget phones to flagships rely on. Over time, it has also improved to enable faster charging and with the next generation, Qualcomm could offer up to 32W fast charging, according to Liliputling.

Possibly dubbedQuick Charge 5.0, thefast charging standard is expected to be offered with the upcoming Snapdragon flagship SoC, possibly the Snapdragon 855. As a result, the new fast charging standards could come as early as 2019. While the current Quick Charge 4.0 rely on a dual charging system that keeps the phone from overheating while still going up to 18W. It essentially splits the power to two paths instead of one.

In the next one, Qualcomm will introduce a Triple Charge system to enable 32Wfast charging while using a wired charger or 15W charging with a wireless charging pad.

Huawei also introduced a 40W charging standard in the Mate 20 series using its own technology. The charger that Huawei provides out of the box in the Mate 20 can top up the battery 70 percent in under 30 minutes. By that means, the 32W fast charger isn’t as much as what Huawei provides.




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