Samsung Galaxy J6 Review: A perfect cocktail of beautiful display and solid design


Samsung Galaxy J6 Review: The Xiaomis and the Motos have taken over the segment whereas Samsung is still looking for a breakthrough in this competitive price point. Could the Galaxy J6 make it or break it for the tech major? Let’s find out.

Samsung Galaxy J6 Review: When it first debuted on Samsung Galaxy S8, the ‘Infinity Display’ made waves in the market. Samsung’s nomenclature of the edge-to-edge display worked well and was carried forward to this year’s flagship as well. But being typical of Samsung, the Infinity Display is now seen in mid-range smartphones and Samsung Galaxy J6 is the latest to sport it.

Samsung Galaxy J6 featuring the Infinity Display design was launched in India last month. Along with Samsung Galaxy J6, the company also brought the Galaxy J8. The Galaxy J6 has a lot going for it despite the cheaper price tag. It runs Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box with Samsung Experience 9 UI on top. The design of the smartphone is slim measuring just 8.2mm. Galaxy J6 has a plastic unibody design. On the front of the smartphone, you will see a 5.6-inch Super AMOLED display that has an 18.5:9 aspect ratio that covers almost the entire front. The Samsung Galaxy J6 has a 13MP sensor at the rear with an aperture of f/1.9 whereas, on the front, it has a 5MP shooter with an aperture of f/1.9.

Samsung has made the ‘Infinity Display’ available to the lower priced Galaxy devices to give them an edge in the competitive segment. It has been a while that Samsung has been wanting to get a hold of the budget spectrum of the smartphones. The Xiaomis and the Motos have taken over the segment whereas Samsung is still looking for a breakthrough in this competitive price point. Could the Galaxy J6 make it or break it for the tech major? Let’s find out.

Design: Solid!
At first glance, the smartphone doesn’t feel cheap at all. The plastic used on the rear of the unibody design doesn’t make feel it cheap in any way. The smooth back and side-rails offer good grip. Galaxy J6 has a premium feel when you hold it. It feels solid in hand to its hefty 154 grams weight and offers some mind-peace for the possible drops. Since the device has a smaller body, people with smaller hands will find it easy to use with one hand, but you will need to use your other hand to reach the top of the display.

All the ports are at the bottom of the smartphone. It gets a micro USB port for charging and data syncing and a 3.5mm headphone jack. One smart thing about the design of the smartphone is the speaker placement. On Samsung Galaxy J6, the speakers are placed slightly below from the top right rail of the body. This makes watching movies with the speakers a delight, you will not block the sound when you hold the Galaxy J6 from the top and bottom.

On the back of the Galaxy J6 is a 13MP camera and below it sits the fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner on the back of the smartphone is fast, but not fast enough when compared to others. The size of the fingerprint scanner also leaves a big question – should Samsung increase the size of it? The scanner feels small and takes some time to get used to it.

Display: Crisp and sharp!
Already renowned for its beautiful display, Samsung doesn’t disappoint when you boot the Galaxy J6. The display is bright, colourful and blacks are rendered effectively (at least for a budget device) – things that you will expect from a Super AMOLED panel. The Infinity Display lives up to its expectations. Watching movies on this smartphone is a delight even gaming feels a lot better. There is a considerate portion covered by bezels on the top and bottom of the display. The side bezels are slim enough to pass off as Infinity Display. The smartphone surely feels taller than most of its competitors and it has a resolution of 720×1480 pixels and an aspect ratio of 18.5:9.

The only bit the Galaxy J6 is missing out on is a Full-HD+ panel. A complete 1080p resolution screen on the beautiful Super AMOLED panel would have looked lovely on this smartphone.

Under the hood: Could have been more!
This is definitely the part where the Galaxy J6 is at par with its competition. The Samsung Galaxy J6 gets an in-house made Exynos 7870 SoC. This chipset can be seen on many other Samsung’s mid-range smartphones in 2018. Our review device has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage. There is a 4GB RAM+64 GB variant seen as well which is priced at Rs 16,490. We found that Galaxy J6 gave a snappy performance. Galaxy J6 was able to run multiple apps at once and was quick enough to resume an application during multitasking. However, the apps open from the place you left off, light games like Temple Run 2 will open from the place where you left off, however, heavy games like PUBG will fail to resume while switching apps.

A special shout-out to the gaming performance of the smartphone. Along with the Exynos 7870 SoC, you get a Mali-T830 GPU.

Performance: Gaming – *whistle*
One of the best features of Samsung Galaxy J6 is the way it handles gaming. The Exynos 7870 SoC paired up with Mali-T830 GPU makes the device perfect for occasional heavy gaming. Light games run perfectly with no pressure on the smartphone performance. Where the device truly shines is the way it handles heavy games. New and popular heavy games like PUBG and Asphalt 8: Airborne is a breeze for this one. While there is no visible lag or no frame drops seen when you are playing a game, the performance takes a minor hit when you try to multitask between apps while you are gaming.

Overall, gaming on Samsung Galaxy J6 is a surprise for the price!

Camera: Front (Pass) and Rear (Meh)
Another front where Galaxy J6 reminds you that this is a budget smartphone are the cameras. For starters, there is only a single lens fitted on the back of the display whereas the front gets a 5MP shooter. The 13MP rear camera sensor shoots good enough photos in good lighting, but as the light starts to go down, the price point starts to show up. The pictures turn out grainy and a lot of visible noise creeps into photos. Where the rear camera fails, the front-facing camera saves the day, just save it enough from failing completely. The 5MP shooter clicks selfies that are sharp for the sensor size. You also get an LED flash for low-light photography through the front camera.

The crisp display of Galaxy J6 and saturated photos make the Galaxy J6 photos appear better and not real. It all boils down to personal choice – if you don’t mind a little bit added colour enhancement to make you or the subject of your photo better, you’ll be fine.

User Interface: Install a launcher
Out of the box, Samsung Galaxy J6 gets Android 8.0 Oreo. Once you turn on the smartphone, you will see a lot of bloatware on Samsung Galaxy J6. While unwanted apps can be disabled, there’s no way to uninstall them completely. While some the apps are useful, many apps simply eat up a lot of space.

Our advice would be to install a launcher so that you can customize the device according to your needs.

Battery: *claps*
The 3000mAh battery on this 5.6-inch HD+ panel Galaxy J6 surely seems a lot less; however, when it comes to daily usage, the smartphone has a lot of surprises to offer. The device can endure long sessions of watching videos and gaming with ease with average battery depletion. One point to keep in mind is that the smartphone takes a lot of time to charge. Even in Delhi’s 44-degree Celsius temperature, the Galaxy J6 doesn’t heat while charging, it gets warm for sure.

Additional features: A bouquet of nifty surprises!
Samsung Galaxy J6 has support for Face Unlock, the feature making its way to mid-range smartphone quite rapidly. Face Unlock is a miss most of the times, but the rear fingerprint sensor covers up for it. The device also has Artificial Intelligence features like object and scene detection. Some of the other key features of the Galaxy J6 include Bixby Vision, Live Focus, and Samsung Pay Mini.

Verdict: Yay!
Should you consider, avoid, or buy the Samsung Galaxy J6? We recommend to go ahead and buy this one. The smartphone, even with decent specs has a lot to offer that make it appealing. The Super AMOLED screen, design of the smartphone, great battery performance and very good gaming make it a good buy for the price.

* Pros – Design, Display, Usability, Battery, Gaming

* Cons – Camera, Screen Panel

Price: Rs 13,990
Box contents: 1 Mobile phone, 1 Data Cable, 1 Travel adaptor, 1 Stereo Headset, 1 SIM ejection tool, 1 user manual

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