The best VR headset 2019: which headset offers the most immersion for your buck


Now that virtual reality (VR) has proved itself as a mainstream form of entertainment – and not just an over-priced tech fad for early adopters – there are lots of different ways to get your home kitted out for the best of the best VR experiences.

But the problem is that picking a VR headset isn’t easy, especially now there are more and more headsets coming to market with many offering different kinds of experiences, different kinds of hardware, different requirements and a lot of great deals to confuse matters even more.

The good news for those serious about VR is that the premium headsets built specially for PC gaming are now much more affordable thanks to permanent price drops. The bad news is now that these discounts make it even trickier to choose the best VR headset that’s right for you.

In addition to price drops, more advanced VR headsets have come to the fore, like the HTC Vive Pro. Of course, on the flip side are the mobile headsets, namely the Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream View.


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