WhatsApp Gets Apple CarPlay Integration



  • WhatsApp Messenger version 2.18.2 brings CarPlay integration
  • It allows you to access your WhatsApp messages using Siri
  • The new version is available for download on Apple App Store

WhatsApp Messenger has eventually reached your in-vehicle connectivity system through the latest Apple’s CarPlay integration. The new update, which comes via WhatsApp v2.18.2 for iPhone, enables push notifications to let you easily communicate with your contacts while on the move. Previously, users were required to use Siri integration on their vehicles to interact with the WhatsApp app installed on their iPhones and iPads, but the arrival of the official CarPlay support allows you to receive messages as and when they reach your mobile devices. A dedicated WhatsApp icon will also be available on the CarPlay dash interface to provide easy access.

Leveraging the new CarPlay integration, you can check what are the new messages you’ve received on your WhatsApp account and can even read them loud by asking Siri. Also, you can use Siri to send messages via WhatsApp to any of your contacts. It is additionally interesting to note you can use the new integration to dictate your WhatsApp messages to Siri.

The updated WhatsApp for iPhone with the CarPlay integration is available for download via the App Store. The official changelog on the App Store doesn’t define the integration. However, folks at iCulture report that it comes just after installing the latest version. The integration is quite similar in nature to what has already been available for iMessages, but it reportedly doesn’t allow users to browse through the list of chat conversations available in a particular account.

Companies such as Pioneer and Sony are already offering CarPlay-supported in-car audio systems. Automakers, including Ford, are also bringing their in-car communication and entertainment systems with CarPlay support to deliver a new-age in-vehicle experience.


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