WhatsApp to soon tell you when you receive a forwarded message, here’s how


Instant messaging app WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature for its beta users which will allow them to differentiate between the forwarded messages and the ones that were actually typed out.

Spotted on our Android (Version 2.18.179), this feature works when you select the message and send it using the ‘forward’ button that you get on the top after you highlight the received message. This means if you simply copy the message and paste it into another chat does not show the ‘forwarded’ tag on the top.

The presence of this feature was also reported by WABetaInfo, a Twitter account that tracks changes in WhatsApp’s beta builds, for Windows and iOS mobile operating system platforms as well.

Recently, WhatsApp also started rolling out two new features — media visibility and new contact shortcut — with its Android update version V2.18.159.
The media visibility feature enables users to choose the visibility of shared media. Users will have the option of modifying the settings from WhatsApp Settings, Data and Storage Usage, where they will have a new option called Media Visibility. Once a user enables the option, then they will see all the downloaded media in gallery outside of WhatsApp. However, disabling the option would hide all the downloaded media. Users will be able to see the media within the app but not in the gallery.
Another feature which comes with the update is of contact shortcut, addition to new group. Pressing the shortcut will enable the user to quickly create a new contact. These features are in beta mode and are not available for everyone presently.
Before that, the company has now introduced some new improvements for the WhatsApp groups. The popular messenger app has introduced five new improvements to WhatsApp groups which include group description, admin controls, group catch up, participant search and admin permissions.

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