Wireless Charging Accessories You Can Use With Any Smartphone



  • Non Qi-supported phones need a receiver coil
  • Samsung’s wireless charger outputs 2A
  • If you want a stand, go for Pasonomi

A world without wires is still a utopian dream at this point, but we’re inching towards it. Wireless charging for your phone is a step on that journey, even though it’s not technically ‘wireless’, given the charger itself needs to be plugged into the wall, and the phone has to rest on a small mat or it won’t get charged. Still, it does save you the hassle of plugging in your phone every night, so there’s that.

Many popular phones support Qi wireless charging now, from the latest iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus to the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to the LG G6 among others. But there are still phones that aren’t yet on the bandwagon, including some flagship devices, such as the Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL. That’s why we’ve included recommendations for both worlds below, so you can strive towards that wireless dream no matter what device you own. We looked for recommendations online, and saw what the customers are saying, and here are the most interesting and useful devices we found.

Wireless Charging Receiver Case
For those whose phones don’t support wireless charging, one way to get around that is by using a case that is Qi wireless-equipped. You can then pair it with any Qi wireless charging pad from below, and be on your way. The thing with cases is that they’re specific to phones, so we’ve included a couple of popular options here, though you might have to search for your particular phone.

All of them work in the same way. The case has a built-in receiver coil and a male charging end that plugs into your phone’s charging port. This does mean an extra step if you want to use wired headphones with your iPhone 7. Some also have an included battery pack, which helps extend your battery life on-the-go, and is then charged along with your phone when you put it down.

Wireless Charging Receiver Coil
Another way you can get wireless charging for phones that don’t support it is by using a receiver coil, which plugs into the phone’s charging port. This turns any phone into one that can be used with a wireless charging pad, although you’ll need to find one that’s compatible with your phone.

Since it plugs into the phone, the charging receiver you need is different depending on whether you have an Android (typically Micro-USB or USB Type-C) or an iPhone (Lightning). Getting the proper fit can be hit and miss, so be ready to work a little. Once you’ve plugged it in, put your phone down on a wireless charger, with the charging mat between your phone and the pad. Of course you don’t want to have the coil hanging from your phone, so you’ll want to tuck it under the case/ back cover.

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