Xiaomi introduces long awaited Application Drawer to MIUI 11 launcher


Earlier today, Xiaomi updated the built-in launcher in MIUI 11 on its smartphones which introduces support for the long-awaited “application drawer” feature which can be accessed by swiping up from the home screen. It was first seen with the previous beta version of MIUI which has now made it to the public release. To turn on desktop mode:

  • Navigate to Settings > Desktop > Desktop mode (on or off)Xiaomi’s MIUI draws a lot of inspiration from Apple‘s mobile operating system which is iOS. The latter offers a dedicated search option which can be accessed by swiping down and comes in handy when a user is trying to access an app that might be located on another page or within a folder. In comparison, the MIUI only has the Google search bar which is not the fastest way to search for any installed application.

    When the app drawer is expanded, the recently used apps are placed on the top while other apps are listed, in alphabetical order. There’s a downward-facing arrow on the top which users can tap on to collapse the app drawer.

    This feature has already been available on the Poco launcher and due to popular demand has been introduced to MIUI 11. What are your thoughts to the latest addition to Xiaomi’s  Android skin? Have you ever encountered a bothering situation trying to find an installed app on your Xiaomi device? Let us know in the comments below.

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